Bula og La Point

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Meet one partner of Bula: Lapoint -the sport company arranging camps for action sports on exotic places all over the world.

Lapoint is an action sport company arranging camps with focus on surf, kite and freeriding on ski and bike. The different spots for the camps are all over the world, from Stadt in Norway to ­Portugal, Morocco, Bali, the Maldives and ­Macedonia with more. The company has the best instructors, people with a real passion for their sport. Lapoint with its unique locations and world class staff gives you an adventure and ­experience for life, not only a vacation!

Bula has a partnership with Lapoint, and our surf friends help us develop and design clothes that hold the standards that surfers want.

Maybee you will see this Surf Shorts in the next summer collection from Bula!